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What is the Helper Application? How to install/uninstall it?

Our helper is a small application that enables you to sleep and wake your Mac easily from Wake Up Time by pressing the Sleep button. You can save energy by putting your Mac to sleep instead of only turning the screen off. When your Mac is in sleep, it’s turned on but consumes much less power. Important Note: if you have a portable Mac and you close the lid, there is no way for your Mac to wake up on its own.

Download and install

Download Helper

Click above on the recycle logo to download the helper file, launch it and follow the installation instructions. During the installation process Wake Up Time Application is closed automatically. After the helper is installed you need to launch Wake Up Time. If the helper is successfully installed the application menu has a “Helper Installed” disabled menu item.

Sleep button and the Helper

The purpose of the Sleep button is to give your Mac a rest until it is time for the alarm. By default it turns off your screen, but leaves your Mac turned on. At the time of alarm, the screen turns back on automatically. After the Helper Application is installed your Mac goes to sleep after pressing the Sleep button and wakes up at the time of the alarm.

Limitations of the Helper

When the Helper is installed Wake Up Time is able to wake your Mac from sleep. It works even if the sleep was the result of your system energy settings or any other app. There are certain cases when Wake Up Time is not able to wake up properly for the alarm after sleep:

Uninstall Helper

Easily remove the Helper Application by running the Helper Installer when the Helper is already installed.
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