Docs+ for Google Docs
Docs+ for Google Docs
The best way to access Google Docs on your Mac

Enjoy all the advantages of accessing Google Docs, separately from your browser.

  • Easily access all your Google Docs documents
  • Dark mode switch to toggle between light and dark mode
  • Easily change window opacity
  • Smooth and responsive look and feel
  • Quickly access your documents
  • Secured connection to access information from Google Docs

Docs Access in the menu bar

  • Access your recent documents with a simple click on the menu bar
  • Sign in with Google using Google API
  • Access needs to be granted to view your documents, associate you with your personal info on Google and to see your primary Google Account email address
  • Supports multiple accounts

Docs+ for Google Docs is a third-party application developed by Rocky Sand Studio Ltd. It is designed for Google DOcs, but not produced, endorsed, or affiliated with Google company.

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