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I want to uninstall the app, how can I do that? You'll find the answer under the General Questions section.

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Before you write us with a problem

In most cases simply reinstalling our apps can fix most temporary issues.
Please report us the problem only if the issue still persist.

You need to quit the app before uninstalling it, maybe force quit.
There are several ways to uninstall an app, but we recommend you to use one of the below options:

  1. The easiest is to open Launchpad, and then drag and drop the icon to the Trash, or press Alt and then click on the little X
  2. You can also open the applications folder in a Finder (use Go menu / Applications), and then delete or move the app to the Trash.
  3. If you can't find the app, you can secondary click on its Dock icon and click Options / Show in Finder. From Finder you can easily delete the app as any other file.

You can reinstall an app again from the App Store, Apple won’t charge you again.


In case if reinstall did not solve your issue, you can reset our apps:

  1. Make sure you quit the app
  2. Open Terminal app (start typing it in Spotlight) and run the commands you can find below for the app. You can simply copy teh code from below and paste it in Terminal
  3. Restart your Mac
  4. Start the app
  • Mail for Gmail:
    defaults delete com.rockysandstudio.DeskApp-for-Gmail
    rm -R ~/Library/Containers/com.rockysandstudio.DeskApp-for-Gmail
  • DeskApp for Youtube:
    defaults delete com.rockysandstudio.DeskApp-for-YouTube
    rm -R ~/Library/Containers/com.rockysandstudio.DeskApp-for-YouTube
  • FreeChat for WhatsApp:
    defaults delete com.rockysandstudio.app-for-whatsapp
    rm -R ~/Library/Containers/com.rockysandstudio.app-for-whatsapp
  • FreeChat for Facebook Messenger:
    defaults delete com.rockysandstudio.app-for-facebook-messenger
    rm -R ~/Library/Containers/com.rockysandstudio.app-for-facebook-messenger
  • Memory Cleaner:
    defaults delete com.rockysandstudio.Memory-Diag
    rm -R ~/Library/Containers/com.rockysandstudio.Memory-Diag
  • Battery Monitor:
    defaults delete com.rockysandstudio.Battery-Diag
    rm -R ~/Library/Containers/com.rockysandstudio.Battery-Diag
  • Battery Monitor:
    defaults delete com.rockysandstudio.Battery-Diag
    rm -R ~/Library/Containers/com.rockysandstudio.Battery-Diag
  • Disk Diag:
    defaults delete com.rockysandstudio.Disk-Diag
    rm -R ~/Library/Containers/com.rockysandstudio.Disk-Diag

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General feedback

In case if your feedback is not related to a specific app, please use the General Feedback option at the end of the app selection list in the form.